Lighting Programmer / Operator

I’m JP (Jim Potter) a lighting console owner/operator who plays with lights! Nowadays quite a lot in the North West of England, Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire etc. Further afield when required.

I also enjoy a bit of coding in linux, Ai, flying drones and editing video.


You can hire myself and the MA2 above and a selection of kit if needed!

Astera Titan 8 tube kit is available to hire on locations. We also dry hire this kit.

It’s the full kit pictured plus:

  • AX1-WP Astera plates.
  • Extension cables.
  • ART7 Wifi for app integration and wireless control.

Work History - Summary

As a desk a programmer | operator I work in Music Events, corporate and broadcasts for clients such as: Tiger Aspect, Moonage Pictures and MTV.

Pictured on the image scroller alongside: Location desk programming work for Sky TV’s series “Intergalactic”.

It’s base at Space Studios in Manchester. I also covered main studios for this. (Trailer

When operating, I like to use GrandMA2 control. But also use Avolites desks on certain applications.

From a technical background, I have been production LX/sparks and also been head electrician when needed.

Also LD’d a few shows too. My favourite, designing and operating Amy Macdonald’s Acoustic tour (Listen on Spotify).

Amy Tour Image

Brief Summary:

Lighting started for me in the mid 90s working as an apprentice on lighting departments in the West End of London where I was a paid member of trainee staff and also show sparks.

I operated desks in the West end and was a stage electrician, then moved onto being a “re-lighting” head production LX on many “No1” UK national tours.

After that. I then stopped traveling so much and went into TV lighting. Studio sparks on many well known TV shows. 


I now operate my own lighting desk and also cover others in a variety of areas. Which is always good fun when there’s laughs and a good bunch on board.

Hire and event production:

Also enjoy putting on corporate events with our kit.

We have moving light Beams, Spots, Washes, IP rated external lighting, Truss, Video projection… All sorts really!

Pre-production planning

Timecoded Lighting

I use timecode for synchronising lights with tracks for walk ups, midi stings etc.

Timecode is your friend on music video shoots where there are multiple re-takes and the lighting needs to be consistent for the edit.

Private and Corporate Events

Video below is a corporate job – From 3D Visualiser (Pictured at start) – To event

DMX Video mapping. 7000 lumen projectors in house

Bitmapping for matrix effects

A stage Concorde. Good fun!

Lowry Hotel Manchester

Awards Night Kimpton Clock Tower – Manchester

Lasers controlled by DMX and timecode where needed

Visualising Software

In all the jobs that need it. Building productions in 3D software is useful to get parts of the concept pre plotted off site. This saves time on location and gives the ability to test designs and sort rig plans and paperwork.

Visualiser software is great for creating looks and design ideas.

Gorton Monastery Manchester 3D Visualisation Image